If you are considering buying a house in the near future, it is highly recommended that you get a building & pest inspection report. A professional building inspector or pest inspector will independently assess the building. They will be on the lookout for any major problems as well as existing or possible future damage. A house and the land it is in is a substantial investment.

Small Outlay for Potentially Big Saving

It is extremely prudent to pay normally up to a few hundred dollars per inspection.  It could potentially save you hundreds of thousands of dollars if you purchase a home with major defects or riddled with termites! Some finance companies offering mortgages of properties will also make sure that a sufficient inspection of the property has been carried out. They need full confidence that the true value of the property being purchased is not being undermined by any structural or pest damage.

pest inspection reports

What’s typically in a building and pest inspection?

You can see some samples here, provided by Inspect My Home. A robust building and pest inspection report will be extremely through. Any particular inspector producing such a type of report on the property, should be looking up and down. Where needed they will be crawling into roofs & underneath floors to fully inspect the condition of the house. Such steps are needed to be able to get a full understanding of the condition of the house’s “bones”. Think of this building and pest inspection report, like a general medical check-up. While not expecting any issues to arise, it’s the unexpected that may need to be brought to your attention before proceeding with a purchase.

Don’t Just a House by It’s Paint Job (Cover)

Be careful whenever you see fresh paint. As it can sometimes be a cover up of a serious issue behind it. New paint jobs can easily conceal water damage, dodgy building work and termite damage. A thorough inspector of any property will be able to see right through this and be paying attention to fresh paint areas in particular. They will be tapping high and load where needed to reveal any issues.

Head to beforeyoubid.com.au or Inspect My Home to get a free quote today on building and pest inspection reports.