Most people want to make sure their loved ones are looked after when they pass away. However in situations where a person does not have a will, or even an up to date will, it may cause family & friends more hassles than you could have imagined. That is why it is important that everyone has a Will made, whatever life stage they are at. According to the NSW Trustee & Guardian, the NSW government department that looks after people’s estates in lieu of a will, 45% of Australians do not have a valid will.

3 Steps for a Valid, Legal Will

A quick recap on what exactly a will is all about. A Will is a legal document which distributes a persons assets (estate) after they die. Certain requirements need to be met in order for a will to be legally valid. The Will must firstly appoint an Executor, someone who overseas the administration of the Estate. The Executor must distribute ALL of the person’s Estate known as the “residue” and not just the biggest parts such as property.

Last two steps to make sure a will is valid is the person’s signature must be witnessed by 2 people not mentioned in the Will (ie; there is no conflicting interest being a witness). Lastly, the person must have the mental capacity to understand the nature and effect of their Will. Also, they must not have been forced or pushed into drawing up a Will by anyone else.

Where Do You Start? Easy New Will Service Available.

Dott & Crossitt, a Sydney based law firm are trying to make the process as easy as possible. They have produced a free will kit that allows you to draft your own will. From there you can have it converted into a legal will by one of their team for a low cost. Dott & Crossitt’s Principal Solicitor Jared Zak hopes that this easy to use, cost effective service will give people peace of mind by finally getting that Will done or updated. Mr Buttigieg had been putting off doing a Will for many years. However using the Dott & Crossitt online platform he finally got around to doing it. “I’m now relieved that this has been sorted out from the convenience of my own home” Mr Buttigieg said.

If you prefer a confidential discussion about your Will give Dott & Crossitt a call on (02) 8315 3118. Or search for more Will Lawyers here on LawSeeker.