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The LawSeeker.com.au blog section is written by a group of individuals or from time to time, legal professionals. All contents of this blog constitutes general opinions and general information. You should never substitute any information from this blog for information obtained directly from a legal professional. Always consult any legal professional regarding your personal situation. The contents of the blog are not intended to cause harm. If at any stage you have any concerns or issues with the contents of any blog, please contact the website administrator. Disagreement with any of the contents of any blog does not constitute adequate grounds for the removal or modification of the blog in question.

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Changes to the Terms of Use:

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Limitations of Liability:

In no event whatsoever will the site owner be liable under this agreement for any damages or losses, and the site owner’s liability to you under any claim is capped at the gross monthly amount paid for the site owner’s hosting of this site’s services during the one month period following immediately from the date of claim. Each party acknowledges that all parties have entered into agreement relying on the limitations of liability as stated above and these limitations form an essential part of the agreement.

Obligation to Indemnify:

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November 17 2018