Hundreds of low-range drink drivers are having their licenses suspended in an increasingly tough stance on the crime in New South Wales.

Under the new New South Wales laws which came into effect 20th May, any driver who is caught driving over the legal limit for alcohol will be suspended. The suspension will be for a minimum of three months. Charged drivers found guilty will also receive a hefty fine of $561. The same tough stance drink driving law also applies to people who drive over the legal limit for illicit drugs. First time offenders and the lowest of low range offenders are not able to able to avoid the same fate.

Tough New NSW Driving Laws Now In Effect

A low-range reading is considered to be a legally recorded blood-alcohol concentration between .05 and .079. Until May 20th, drivers who were charged with low range driving could continue to drive until their court date. That is no longer the case.

Nearly one in five lives were lost on NSW roads last year. The NSW Government hopes these tough new laws will help achieve the goals laid out in its Road Safety Plan 2021. This plan has the ambitious aim to reduce road fatalities by 30% by the year 2021.

Drivers Have Been Warned

Although this comes as welcome news for anyone wanting NSW roads to be safer, it also can be life impacting and a major inconvenience. Even a short 3 month license suspension may put drivers who need to for their livelihood, out of a job.

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