LawSeeker Legal Resources

Apart from LawSeeker services to locate legal assistance, you might also be seeking help on other legal issues. The below legal links can assist you to help you find a range of government departments, agencies and community based organisations. All of these listings may offer some form of legal help in the form of general advice and information. This legal list is by no means exhaustive however it could assist if you current general legal situation fits within one of the following areas:

Law & Children

Department of Human Services – Child Support Agency

Legal Consumer Rights

Consumer rights within each Australian State and Territory can be found below.

Australian Capital Territory – Office of Regulatory Services – Fair Trading and the ICRC

New South Wales – Office of Fair Trading

South Australia – Office of Consumer and Business Affairs

Queensland – Office of Fair Trading

Northern Territory – Consumer Affairs

Victoria – Consumer Affairs Victoria

Western Australia – Consumer Protection; Department of Commerce

Family Law and Support

The Family Court of Australia website has a lot of useful information regarding legal family matters.

Legal Indigenous Affairs

Listed below are some Australian state and territory based organisations that can assist Indigenous Australians with various legal matters.

New South Wales/Australian Capital Territory – The Aboriginal Law Service provides legal help and representation for indigenous Australians in criminal and child protection matters.

Western Australia – Aboriginal Legal Service of Western Australia.

Queensland – The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Service (Qld)

South Australia – The Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement

Northern Territory – Central Australian Aboriginal Legal Aid Service

Legal Aid

Means and merits tests must be met in order to quality for Legal Aid

Search LawSeeker for your closet Legal Aid Centres.

Australian Capital Territory – Legal Aid

New South Wales – Legal Aid

South Australia – Legal Aid

Queensland – Legal Aid

Northern Territory – Legal Aid

Victoria – Legal Aid

Previous Legal Cases, State & Federal Legislation

Australasian Legal Information Institute (AustLII) AUSTLII – search all previous legal cases and legislation. Learn about previous legal cases that may have set a precedence for your legal matters or someone you know.

Law and Women

New South Wales – Women’s Legal Services NSW provides free legal advice and information for all women in the community, particularly for those who are socially and economically disadvantaged

Australian Capital Territory – ACT Women’s Legal Centre

Victoria – Women’s Legal Service Victoria

Queensland – Women’s Legal Service Queensland

Western Australia – Women’s Law Centre

Northern Territory – Top Ends Women Legal Services

Tasmania – Women’s Legal Services

Law and Young People

Lawstuff provides very useful general legal information for anyone under the age of 18. Particularly useful are the sections asking various questions on typical everyday situations. This site also offers the opportunity to get more specific help from a legal professional if required.