Buying a house or buying an apartment is a big commitment. While some people buy property as an investment asset, for others it is about setting up a new life in a new city, providing for a family or settling into retirement. Quite often buying property involves too many emotions, particularly frustration, when it comes to securing a property. Endless searching on property websites, calling real estate agents (who may or may not ever get back to you), losing on an offer to another offer, the list goes on.

Learning about the basics, the 101, of Conveyancing in this article should reduce your frustration in the conveyancing process. It is also about choosing the right conveyancer or property solicitor to handle your matter efficiently.

What Exactly is Conveyancing?

When a property is transferred from one owner to another, the legal process that occurs to facilitate this transaction is called conveyancing. To legally advise on conveyancing matters in NSW for example, you need to be either a registered conveyancer or a qualified practising solicitor. Each parcel of property has a “title” which has its ownership transferred from a seller to a buyer at the final step of the conveyancing process.

Choosing a Conveyancing Solicitor

Choosing the cheapest conveyancing can end up costing you a lot more than the dearest conveyancers out there. Within specific conveyancing contracts there can be severe penalties and interest payments triggered when certain actions don’t occur. In many instances it is the legal appointee to the buyer or seller that is responsible for errors that result in an unpleasant conveyancing experience.

Conveyancing Reviews & Referrals

Recommendations from other sellers and purchasers can help you to decide who to use for your conveyancing. However, you may not know anyone who has been involved in a recent property transaction. This is where online reviews can help you to understand whether a firm offers a high-quality conveyancing service.

If you are looking for a conveyancing service that is both trusted and well reviewed  (check out review sites / Google Review) you will be in good hands with your purchase or sale. Review all conveyancing solicitors on LawSeeker and other legal sites to ensure you find the most suitable conveyancing partner for you.