Extremists look likely to be stripped of their Australian citizenship and potentially deported under proposed new laws outlined by the government. Australians who are convicted of serious terrorism offences can easily be stripped and deported. For this to happen the Home Affairs minister only needs to be “reasonably satisfied” they are citizens of another country. These changes and others, announced by Prime Minister Scott Morrison last month will significantly lower the bar to have convicted terrorists deported.

There is a potential Constitutional Law issue as it is illegal to render somebody stateless. Some countries do not recognise dual nationalities, while others would automatically recognise citizenship when a person has been stripped of their Australian ties.

“The current wording of the law, we believe is unrealistic,” Mr Morrison said. “Terrorists have violated everything about being what an Australian is all about. It’s a crime against our country, not just other citizens”. The government will also push for changes to how it deals with citizens who try to return to Australia after fighting with a terrorist organisation overseas.