interstate moves have for a long time been inspired by the plunging temperatures of a winter that just went on too long. Others are encouraged by the thought of colder temperatures and the experience of all the seasons in the full. Whatever the motivation,  since 2020 there has been a national trend to move to regional areas from all over the country. There has been a huge swing in the number of purchasers buying interstate. For some, it’s a way to “reset” after Covid-19 lockdowns; for others, it’s about getting out of the city for a more lifestyle-orientated change. And with buyer’s agent services now available in most capital cities, it’s easier than ever to purchase property interstate. If you’re thinking of making a move, here are a few things to consider:

1. Do thorough research: every city has its own unique character, so it’s important to do your homework and make sure you’re moving to somewhere that suits your lifestyle and needs. Be sure that it has all the public facilities and private businesses that meet all your needs. Or present new opportunities for you and your family.

2. Get help: as mentioned above, engaging a buyer’s agent who knows the local market can be a huge help when purchasing property interstate. For example in the Southern Highlands, Buying Highlands specialises in finding people properties all over the area. From empty vacant lots to large homes, Buying Highlands connects buyers to existing properties and deals with all the real estate agents at once.

A more flexible and balanced lifestyle has seen many thousands of people leave the cities for a new life. If you are considering a purchase interstate, do your homework and connect with local experts. Obviously the more you can visit that location of interest prior to making the big decision, the better. Find property conveyancers all over the country in our lawyer listing section.