We know that a bad experience with a product or service leaves a bad taste in our mouths. We often vent to family & friends and increasingly, to random strangers online. Facebook and Google are now the two biggest aggregators of reviews in the world. Between them they would receive thousands of reviews, both good & bad, in Australia alone.

Small businesses can be made or broken by a single, or series of reviews posted online. Increasing effort is made by business to have people leave favourable reviews and also do everything in their power to stop a bad review from ever being posted.

With reputations increasingly effected by the influence of online reviews, consumers need to watch out when leaving poor reviews. While a review of a company can not see you sued for defamation, as soon as you mention an certain individual, you are opening yourself up to possible legal action.

Recent cases in Australian courts have found for certain individuals as part of the clinic or companies that consumers had dealing with and left negative reviews for. Dr Tavakoli a plastic surgeon in Double Bay has sued a woman for defamation after posting a review on Google in September 2017 which claimed her nose was “worse than before the operation”.

While it is very hard to be objective when writing poor reviews where your blood might be boiling, try to keep the feedback accurate and objective at all times. This will keep you in check to stick to the facts and be able to easily prove your review is accurate at any time.

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