Yes! Pets are now allowed in NSW apartments after new strata by-laws ruling introduced in 2020. In the best possible news for all NSW based pet lovers, NSW apartment occupiers are now allowed to have or keep existing pets regardless of their strata laws.

Dogs are now allowed in NSW apartments

For everyone who loves pets and is aware of the benefits of pet ownership, apartment living has over many decades been a challenge. Mostly because it has been impossible to find a pet-friendly building and owners corporation who would tolerate them. A new law in NSW has now overturned the capacity of strata committees to approve by-laws which prevent you from having an animal in your apartment.

The original case which has now set the precedence commenced well over four and a half years ago. Apartment owner Ms. Johanna Cooper taking her apartment building’s owners corporation to the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal. She claimed that a specific by-law that prohibited pets from living on the premises shouldn’t apply.

While the original NCAT findings ruled that blanket bans on pets in apartments was unlawful, the verdict was overturned when the case was put before the NCAT appeals panel. Then subsequently the NSW Court of Appeal’s verdict has made it so that the banning pets in any apartment building right across New South Wales is no longer permitted. This latest ruling puts at ease the minds of existing pet owners but also makes apartment living, generally more affordable than housing, an option for people with pets.

There are certain rules and regulations that still must be adhered to with apartment blocks for pet owners. Being considerate of those around you with your animals is paramount. Noise complaints and other issues can still be raised by neighbours to be addressed by the owners corporation. If you do have a pet and are having trouble dealing with strata, you can find a suitable lawyer in your area to assist you.