LawSeeker. Finding a Solicitor, Lawyer and Legal Support that best suits you. LawSeeker contains a range of broad legal services you can access directly. In order to choose the best solicitor or lawyer be sure to do your research. Before even commencing your research you need to know what you need to achieve with your legal matter. Often legal matters are difficult to deal with and you might not know who to turn to. Using LawSeeker to find the legal support you need is easy.

How to Use LawSeeker

With LawSeeker you can search in a number of ways to find the legal support you are looking for.

  1. Search by Name: If you know the name of a solicitor or law firm already, you can search by name. Referral from friends and family is a great starting point if you already have a name. Use LawSeeker to find out more about who has been recommended to you.
  2. Search by Location: In many instances you might prefer to have local access to legal support. Accessing legal support in your area is more convenient especially if you need to have face to face meetings. Search LawSeeker by suburb and postcode to receive various results by location.
  3. Search by Legal Area: If you need to start your legal search by legal area you can also use this option on LawSeeker. Here you can search by all types of legal support to have legal listings displayed for you. From there you can choose to narrow your search to your local area if you need to.

How to List on LawSeeker

Listing on LawSeeker is available for all relevant legal services in Australia. To list on LawSeeker simply proceed to the LawSeeker listing page and complete your details & complete payment. Please allow up to 72 hours to process adding, updating or removing listings. Please contact info (at) for any further questions.

LawSeeker Collaboration Opportunities

LawSeeker provides regular articles to better educate Australians on the Law. Article content extends across the full spectrum of legal matters. If you would like to increase your exposure online through legal article writing, we welcome your collaboration. Please contact info (at) for more details.